Final Project I

This is an advertisements I created for the class. It is based on the premise that the Federal Government has legalized marijuana and companies want to persuade consumers to buy their products.  Obviously there would be a built-in market of current users, so advertisers would need to target those who have never used marijuana.  The specific goal for this ad was to appeal to those Americans who may have avoided using Marijuana because it’s been illegal to do so for over a century.  Many Americans who have heard for most of their lives that this drug is bad and thus are not likely to embrace the product even if it’s legalized.  That is exactly a consumer group that manufacturers will want to target with persuasive ads.

The ad uses historical “celebrities” in a humorous way to get attention as well as to show that many respected Americans once freely enjoyed using Marijuana. The ad uses imagery associated with patriotism to associate marijuana use with America, in much the same way Coke uses similar ideas. For decades, marijuana was associated with crime, hippies and slackers, but manufacturers want to get away from that and establish a more wholesome association with its product.  Therefore, the founding fathers become the endorsers of this product.  Their likenesses and deeds are well known to almost every American (which may be a problem if people feel this appeals to children, but we’ll let the PR department handle that).

Both Washington and Jefferson were hemp farmers and heavily promoted its use in manufacturing. Both quotes are directly from these men. There is no documentation that Washington ever smoked marijuana, nor is there evidence he didn’t.  Jefferson is quoted as saying he did enjoy smoking it. The Franklin quote is an obvious fabrication, but is in line with his reputation as a drinker, womanizer and all around partier. Hopefully this ad and marketing concept would persuade a few new users to try the product.